Intel loves Apple

Intel loves AppleA few weeks ago we heard rumblings that Intel might be making moves on Apple, with the hope of pushing Samsung aside and providing processor-related goodness for the iPhone and iPad.

One analyst suggested: “It makes strategic sense for both companies,” and now Tom Kilroy, senior VP at Intel, confirms that its eyes are very much fixed on Apple.

Speaking at Reuters Global Technology Summit in New York on Wednesday, Kilroy said: "We work very closely with them and we're constantly looking down the road at what we can be doing relative to future products. I'd go as far as to say Apple helps shape our roadmap.”

Intel powers 80% of the world’s PCs, including Apple’s MacBooks, but the smartphone processor scene is currently dominated by ARM technology. It remains to be seen if Intel can make a dent.

Meanwhile, in the world of premium PCs, Kilroy played down concerns that ARM might threaten Intel’s position, saying: “Go look at the performance of those platforms. They're taking our latest and high-end end versions of second-generation core, and ARM doesn't even come close to any capability there.”

Could we see Intel manufacturing Apple's A6 chip? The two already have a close relationship, and we're sure Jobs and Co would enjoy being less reliant upon rivals Samsung.

via: Reuters

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CTPAHHIK  May. 19, 2011 at 18:08

"smartphone processor scene is currently dominated by ARM technology" and Intel will produce non-ARM chip? Above statement does not make much sense, because ARM would mean an instruction set. All mobile phones use ARM architecture.
However, most chips are not manufactured by ARM (company). Qualcomm and TI are very big players.


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