Intel processor mania as roadmap is leaked

Intel processor mania as roadmap is leakedOur very favouritest rumourmonger, DigiTimes, is back once again for the renegade master. Or, more accurately: back with a bunch of stuff pertaining to Intel processors for smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, assuming the roadmap is accurate (ahem), we’re getting a pretty good glimpse into next year and beyond.

For starters, according to “Taiwan-based makers”, smartphones will see 22nm Merrifield towards the end of this year, Moorefield in the first half of 2014, and 14nm Morganfield in Q1 2015.

Supposedly, with Merrifield, we should expect a performance boost of around 50% and longer battery life than on Intel’s Clover Trail+. Sounds good to us.

With Intel’s 22nm Bay Trail processors set for an appearance at the imminent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) from September 10-12, Bay Trail-T will supposedly follow “later” with support for both Windows 8.1 and Jelly Bean Android 4.2 tablets.

The sources claim that the Bay Trail-T platform will offer “over eight hours” of tablet battery life when active, and “weeks” on standby, with two clock speeds (1.8GHz and 2.4GHz) and a Gen 7 GPU.

I don’t think I can handle more words about Intel processors, but by all means head over to DigiTimes for the full story.

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