Interest in Amazon Kindle Fire already burning low?

Interest in Amazon Kindle Fire already burning low?It may not quite be the “iPad killer” anti-Apple types have been waiting for, but Amazon's Kindle Fire is nonetheless one of the more interesting tablets to arrive on the scene this year.

However, after a flurry of initial interest it seems interest in the budget-busting Android slate over in the US is already waning. Maybe that'll speed Amazon along in making the Kindle Fire available to the rest of us.

Indications are that the Amazon tablet is now the second best selling slate across the Atlantic, almost entirely thanks to its attractive price, with Amazon choosing to effectively rely on app sales to subsidise the initial cost of the hardware.

But according to ad network Chitika, ad impressions on the Kindle Fire have already dropped dramatically from their end-of-November high.

“It would seem that although the Kindle was able to attract a significant user base given its mid-range price point of $200,” Chitika's Gabe Donnini suggests. “Once the allure of the device wore off, user activity fell as well.”

Domini reckons the drop-off might be due to the lack of a 3G option, as well as a decidedly limited hardware spec.

“The Kindle Fire certainly is a step in the right direction for Amazon and one of their most impressive tablets to date,” Donnini added. “It offers significant benefit at a relatively low cost, and if you’re willing to pay the extra mile, you can gain access to services such as Amazon’s Digital Content platform. However, if you are expecting a fully-fledged tablet, you may be disappointed with functionality, given the Kindle Fire is more of an E-reader+.”

Sounds plausible, though we're curious about the comment that it's “one of their most impressive tablets”. Just how many other Amazon tablets have there been, Gabe?


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blizzard7  Dec. 3, 2011 at 14:19

Most expect a new Kindle Fire this spring (which is meant to be their proper release) which will supposedly have an 8.9" touchscreen.


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