The Interview: Google Play’s top-selling movie of 2014

The Interview: Google Play’s top-selling movie of 2014

At one point it looked like farcical comedy The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, would never be seen, which of course meant everyone instantly wanted to see it.

Indeed, the minor frenzy has paid off, as The Interview has officially become Sony’s top-grossing online movie, topping the charts on the likes of Google Play and YouTube.

It’s not clear how much The Interview has taken in to date, though Bloomberg reports that the figure sat at $15 million as of Saturday.

But while streaming The Interview has proved a success, we shouldn’t necessarily expect to see an end to the humble cinema. A massive $80 million was spent on making and marketing The Interview, and “movie theaters” – as the Yanks call them – would’ve put a large dent in that figure.

As it was, following threats of violence from the Guardians of Peace (essentially a front for the North Korean government, according to the FBI), The Interview had a limited cinematic release at just 331 locations, around 10% of the original target.

As such, The Interview’s brick-and-mortar revenue in its opening weekend was a modest $2.84 million, easily dwarfed by the streaming revenue.

Alas, streaming The Interview isn’t an option on UK YouTube, iTunes or Google Play, but, y’know, there are ways around dastardly geo-blocking, a bit like watching US Netflix in the UK.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 31, 2014 at 12:55

Love the story of the guy who wants to sue that cinema because he didn't manage to sell his $650 worth of tickets for profit!
Anyhoo - pathetic!


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