The Interview on Netflix: this Saturday!

The Interview on Netflix: this Saturday!Ah, what a rollercoaster ride for The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco. It was pulled from (most) theatres last year amid supposed terrorist threats of violence, before going on to become Google Play’s top-selling movie of 2014.

If you’ve yet to catch The Interview, clear your calendar for this Saturday, as the assassination spoof is coming to Netflix.

In case you missed one of the biggest stories of last year, North Korean hackers (backed by the government, according to US authorities) took umbrage at the plot of The Interview, threatening to kill everyone who dared laugh at what’s ultimately a fairly average comedy.

See, the plot sees Seth Rogen and James Franco playing journalists tasked with assassinating North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un – a bit like the time I was sent to Mobile World Congress (MWC) to take out Stephen Elop.

I’m not seeing any acknowledgement of the US/UK Netflix disparity, but it’s probably – probably – safe to say The Interview will pop up on US Netflix first.

However, if you fancy streaming The Interview on your UK tablet or smartphone, we got you covered here:

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