iOS 5 and free MobileMe coming next month?

iOS 5 and free MobileMe coming next month?

Apple's latest tweak to its mobile operating system – iOS 4.3 – may only be heading out round about now, but we're already hearing rumours that Apple is preparing to unveil its successor as soon as next month.

While the news sounds surprising at first, it's less so when you consider that iOS 4 was announced at an event last year on April 8. In fact, it sounds bang on target.

So where does this latest rumour come from? A German Apple enthusiast blog called Macerkopf [translated], as it happens, and it's the usual “trusted source within the company” being credited for spilling the beans.

Thinking back to last year's event, Apple proudly crowed about more than a hundred tweaks to iOS that version 4 brought to the table. And while it may well do the same again, significant details – as was the case last year – are likely to be far fewer in number.

Consensus is that an overhaul to the little-loved iOS notifications system is on the cards, especially since Apple has hired Rich Dellinger, the man responsible for the well regarded webOS notifications system, in the past year.

Another highly likely inclusion – and one hinted at by our German friends – is the next evolution of MobileMe, which has been the subject of a fair number of rumours itself recently. First prize in our books would be making the service completely free, and we look forward to seeing if Apple has ironed out the glitches in its Latitude-like locations service in time too.

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