iOS 5 gets speech-to-text

iOS 5 gets speech-to-textApple claims that iOS 5 will introduce 200+ new features, and one of those has been revealed via a screenshot sent to 9to5mac.

The screenshot shows that iOS 5 will support speech-to-text, so you can compose text messages with your gob rather than your fingers.

Of course, speech-to-text is something Android users will already be familiar with. It’s surprisingly accurate, but personally I still prefer using my fleshy old digits.

As with Android, a little microphone icon appears in the bottom left of the virtual keyboard, and pressing it brings up a prompt to speak.

9to5mac’s source suggests that the feature might be exclusive to smaller iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPod touch, and not available on the iPad.

Time will tell, mes amis. Not long to go now…

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