iOS 5 tipped to have advanced voice recognition smarts

iOS 5 tipped to have advanced voice recognition smarts

The Apple rumour mill never quite dies down, of course, but for the last few days it's mostly been concerning itself with dates. Dates for WWDC, dates for iOS 5 and iPhone 5 launches, dates for when you might actually stand a chance of getting hold of an iPad 2.

Now, though, we're back to more familiar fare, with TechCrunch taking a closer look at some of the mobile goodies we can look forward to in iOS 5. And the short version is that voice control is going to be big in iOS 5. Very big.

TechCrunch has been in good form lately when it comes to Apple-related news. It surfaced the news that iOS 5 wouldn't be ready to be shown off at WWDC in June, and would instead have to wait till the autumn.

Now the US industry blog is pointing to Apple's acquisition of virtual personal assistant startup Siri as a clear sign that voice control tech will be “deeply integrated” in the latest version of Apple's OS, with the Siri team and technology having been heavily involved in its development.

According to TechCrunch's sources, the iOS voice control team is currently putting the finishing touches on those elements that will be shown off at WWDC – even if the final version isn't quite ready by then.

So, a heavily revamped MobileMe and super-advanced voice recognition. Who cares if we have to wait until the autumn – sounds like iOS 5 is going to be worth the delay.

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stezo2k  Mar. 30, 2011 at 10:19

sounds like they're copying android just like they are with the 9 digit swipe unlock


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