No iOS 6 for first-generation iPad users?

No iOS 6 for first-generation iPad users?We're just hours away from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in San Francisco, but such is the secrecy that surrounds pretty much everything Apple does that the rumours mill is churning away right up to the last minute.

And for once it's not good news emerging from the digital grapevine – it seems first-generation iPad owners are going to miss out on iOS 6 altogether.

Apple's platform doesn't suffer from anything like the same level of fragmentation as Android – it helps having only a single line of products to cater for – but older hardware has to get left behind sooner or later if the platform is to keep moving forward.

iOS 5, for instance, only supports iPhones back to the iPhone 3GS, and now it seems certain iPad owners are going to feel the cold shoulder too for the first time.

Chinese site WellPhone reckons it's seen the list of iOS 6 Beta links Apple will be making available to developers after the new OS is announced later today, and a version for the first-generation iPad isn't among them.

That's disappointing news considering we're talking about a device that was still the current model as recently as 15 months ago, but it's also an inevitable side-effect of progress: after all, Apple could hardly claim its OS was built to get the most out of the latest cutting-edge hardware if outdated devices were perfectly capable of running it too.

We'll know more later today – the keynote gets underway at 6pm UK time.

Via MacRumors

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satchef1  Jun. 11, 2012 at 12:44

Since the iOS5 update my iPad has been running a bit slower and Safari has crashed all the time. Really not fussed; it's going soon(ish) anyway.

jaybear88  Jun. 11, 2012 at 15:23

Is it fragmentation or "differentiation" with iOS when it's not really the "full fat" iOS5 running across all platforms (Siri's lack of support etc)? :P

Really looking forward to this event btw, hoping iOS can finally offer me something that can tempt me away from my usual bread and butter :)


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