iOS 6.1.1 update rolls out to iPhone 4S owners

iOS 6.1.1 update rolls out to iPhone 4S ownersApple’s iOS 6.1 update set some sort of record for installation rates, despite bringing a whole lot of nothing much to iPhones and iPads. Indeed, for some iPhone 4S owners, the update proved detrimental to connectivity and battery life.

Well, there’s good news if you fall into that unlucky category, as Apple is rolling out iOS 6.1.1 – just for iPhone 4S owners. It promises to cure what ails you.

The move follows a warning from Vodafone, advising its iPhone 4S-owning customers not to update to iOS 6.1.

Apple hasn’t made any comment on the matter, but the iOS 6.1.1 release notes explain that the update “fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S”.

Vodafone seems quite happy with the news, with a fresh new forum post yelling: “Apple has released a new version of its iPhone software that fixes the 3G performance issues that have been affecting users of the iPhone 4s who had installed iOS 6.1.

“Please download the latest version – iOS 6.1.1 – from Apple as soon as you can as this will deal with these issues.”

If you haven’t received a notification for iOS 6.1.1, you can check manually by going to Settings > General > Software. Again, the update is for iPhone 4S users only.

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