iOS 7.1 release date: ‘any day now’

iOS 7.1 release date: ‘any day now’iOS 7.0.6 recently touched down with a largely uninteresting (in the sense that your average Joe wouldn’t notice or care) security fix, but there’s a significantly more interesting release on the way.

I speak of course of iOS 7.1, and we’re told it’ll land “any day now”, with its arrival supposedly a prerequisite for SXSW iTunes Festival streaming.

That’s the word according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, a chap who’s generally pretty spot-on when it comes to Apple-flavoured rumours.

Gruber gives credit to “a little birdie” who says iOS 7.1 will be a minimum requirement for the SXSW iTunes Festival app.

The SXSW iTunes Festival goes down from March 11-15 (Tuesday till Saturday next week), so logic dictates that iOS 7.1 will be pushed out any minute now.

Headline acts at the SXSW iTunes Festival include Coldplay (yawn), Imagine Dragons (who?), Keith Urban (who?), and a bald guy called Pitbull (who?). I guess Jason Donovan was otherwise engaged.

You’ll be able to stream SXSW iTunes Festival performances live, or – if you prefer – after the performance. If you have Apple TV, you can of course throw content to the big screen.

For more informations, head over to the official SXSW iTunes Festival page. Also, we gots iOS 7.1 features right here.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 5, 2014 at 15:16

Will it break Evasion? Just when the good stuff such as IntelliscreenX comes out a new iOS is thrown at us...


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