iOS 8.1 features detailed, arriving October 20?

iOS 8.1 features detailed, arriving October 20?iOS 8 has only been around a matter of weeks, but already we’re up to iOS 8.0.2, largely on account of iOS 8.0.1 killing cellular activity for some. Oops.

But for the next big step, we’re moving that middle digit – not just the rightmost one, and landing on iOS 8.1. Here we’re told what to expect in terms of iOS 8.1 features, while October 20 is unofficially pencilled in for the iOS 8.1 release date.

GSMArena kindly pulls together a bunch of stories from various sources – three, in fact. We’ll let you follow the breadcrumbs should you care about the individual articles.

Anyway, for starters, the beta version of iOS 8.1 has reportedly arrived with developers, which means the consumer release is right around the proverbial corner. October 20 is the date to mark in your diary (in pencil, for now).

As for iOS 8.1 features, well, we all knew to expect Apple Pay, the Californians’ contactless payment thingy that wasn’t quite ready for the initial iOS 8 release. It’ll be US-only for now, however.

The iOS 8 photo album has proven quite controversial, with the plain old Camera Roll being replaced by Recently Added, the latter containing just 30 days’ worth of pictures. The good news is: with iOS 8.1, Camera Roll is coming back, baby!

Other iOS 8.1 features include toggles for third-party app permissions, the ability to disable dictation on the keyboard, and slightly larger widget icons.

Assuming October 20 is correct, you’ll be able to install iOS 8.1 two weeks from Monday.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 3, 2014 at 11:22

good lawd... when will iOS 8.1.1 land to fix the problems? :p
But seriously: why oh why can we still NOT delete pics as we please?


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