iOS now accounts for nearly two thirds of all Apple's income

iOS now accounts for nearly two thirds of all Apple's incomeAnyone doubting just how central iOS is to Apple's business model these days might be interested in a new sales chart that's been put together by Asymco. It shows Apple's total quarterly sales for every quarter in the last five years – and breaks down just where those sales have come from.

Before we even look at the specifics, though, a glance at the chart in general tells its own story of just how well Apple has been doing in the last half-decade.

While total sales in Q4 of 2005 added up to just over $5bn, with the majority coming from iPod sales, five years later the figure is more than five times greater – an astounding rate of growth.

It's the emergence of the iOS platform – previously known as iPhone OS – that has been driving Apple forward, illustrated perfectly by the fact that iOS devices now account for 65% of all Apple's revenues.

The iPhone, which of course didn't even exist back in 2005, is now Apple's biggest earner of all, while in just one year the iPad has grown to provide Apple with around 75% as much as its entire business was making five years ago.

Throw in the iPod touch and you have a triumvirate of iOS products that sold to the tune of upwards of $17bn in the past three months alone.

And what of the trusty old Mac and its Mac OS X? Ironically, Apple's computer division has been growing steadily itself, if not quite as dramatically, with sales of Mac OS X devices having more than doubled in five years, and currently growing as fast as at any point in that time. But while OS X used to chip in with nearly half Apple's revenues in the days before iOS came along, that figure these days is just 20%.

There can be little arguing that Apple's future is iOS, and it's looking bright indeed.

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neon123  Jan. 23, 2011 at 17:12

It'd be nice if we could click that image for a more readable size :)

emmajk42 / MOD  Jan. 23, 2011 at 17:25

Neon123 - click the link to asymco for the full graph and study :) I'll add it to the image just for you :)


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