iOS battery woes? There's a beta for that!

iOS battery woes? There's a beta for that!Remember how last week, we revealed the chief culprit in the mystery case of the iOS 5 battery life thief? Looked like it was down to location services and a strange quirk that had iDevices trying to figure out what time zone users were in constantly.

Well, Apple kindly released an update pronto and all appears to be hunky-dory again. The beta came out at the end of last week and according to devs who've been speaking to The Guardian, it's fixed those woes. 

The caveat is that to download it right now, one has to be a developer. Which means that you'll have to pay an annual fee to Apple to get your hands on beta bits and bobs before general release. Or you could just befriend a developer and get them to add your UDID on their account.

If you're the anti-social sort who doesn't fancy doing that, fear not. Apple has apparently said that a public version will be available "in the next few weeks" and - just as was shown off with the iOS launch - it'll be OTA. Whoopydooo!

There's also another tweak that's been included: "on the release version, if you turned on the location service for traffic, then went into Maps, looked at traffic, and then quit Maps, again the purple arrow would stay in the status bar. This is no longer the case – Maps stops using your location when you close it."

Still nothing about getting Siri working properly with UK search though. OK, we'll wait for the next beta then.

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