iOS security 'bug', update and jailbreak

[MOD EDIT: read 2nd post please]

You may have noticed that iOS (and, probably, Mac OS) was hit by a major security 'bug'. I'm using 'bug' loosely, seeing how this 'bug' does exactly what, um, say the NSA would like it to do... Weird for something random like a 'bug'...

But hey, happy times - Apple patched the hole - until the next time.
iOS 7.06 will fix that ssl leak. But it'll also break your jailbreak. However, Apple didn't destroy all the nice little exploits that make jailbreaking possible in the first place.
fear not: after updating to iOS 7.06 you can re-jailbreak with the fresh version of Evasion http://evasi0n.com/

When you connect your iDevice to Evasion after the update to iOS 7.06, Evasion will inform you that your iDevice is already jailbroken... JUST repeat the procedure, anyways.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 23, 2014 at 16:59

Okay a small update:

It seems updating a jailbreaked iDevice to iOS 7.06 leaves the jailbreak intact - sort of...

Once iOS7.06 is up and running, you may no longer see any Cydia apps and tweaks on your device. Yet, the Evasion jailbreak app on your PC will inform you that your device is already jailbreaked, and that they do not recommend to repeat the procedure.

I experimented on two iDevices, and to cut to the chase:

Best procedure seems to be this:

Before you update to iOS 7.06, back up your device to the PC/Mac via iTunes.
Then turn off the device. Remove the USB-cable from your device but leave it plugged into your computer. Start iTunes on your computer. THEN plug the cable into your iDevice WHILE holding the home button. That connects the device in Recovery mode. Now iTunes
will act as if your device is bricked. It'll download the latest suitable iOS firmware (iOS 7.06), and return your iDevice to factory state. Jailbreak begone!

Once the update to iOS 7.06 is done, you can restore the device from your latest backup. After that is done, you can re-jailbreak via Evasion 1.06.

dclontz  Feb. 26, 2014 at 14:47

ive recently updated to ios 7.06 on iphone 4 and ive never jailbroke this device but everytime i try to with evasi0n 1.06 all it does is installs evasi0n 7 and reboots a couple times it wont install cydia and ive followed multiple guides and none of them seem to help...help please

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 27, 2014 at 08:57

It should work.
Question: did you update the iPhone 4 to 7.06 (or any time before) over the air (NOT through iTunes, I mean)??? If so, that could be a problem.
Also: you're sure your phone has internet connection while jailbreaking? Cydia won't install if there is no connection!

Anyhoo. Back up your phone. Do a factory reset. Then turn off your phone. Start iTunes on your computer. Connect the iPhone's cable to your computer. Now connect the other end of the cable to your phone WHILE holding the HOMEBUTTON. That connects your phone in recovery mode. iTunes will say it cannot recognise your phone, and it'll check online for the right software. So: it'll download iOS7.06 and restore your phone. Once that is done, reboot your phone a couple of times. Close iTunes and start Evasion again... if it works, reboot the phone again. Then, once you have Cydia etc, you can restore the phone from your iTunes backup (Cydia etc won't be affected). You can restore first and then do the jailbreak. Doesn't matter in my experience.

NOTE: To recover your phone iTunes will download iOS 7.06 - that is a 1.4GB download. So, only do it if you have a proper broadband connection!!!!!!

Good luck. And: do not blame us when it doesn't work.
There could be 1,000s of reasons. A line of code, and booom.
Maybe you'll have to live without jailbreak.


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