iOS users just can't get enough apps

iOS users just can't get enough appsThe average iOS user has gobbled up 88 apps from the Apple App Store, with more than 70% of them paid for.

That's the bottom line from an Appsfire survey of 1,000 iDevice owners registered with the app-sharing service. According to its figures, the median user has downloaded 63 paid apps and 25 free, to complement the 20 that come pre-installed.

The survey also looked at how people are using their phones, and found – unsurprisingly, given the high number of app downloads – that native apps account for nearly half of the 84 minutes a day the average user spends with their phone.

That compares with 12%, or just 10 minutes a day, spent browsing web content directly. Telephony-related services such as Skype make up 32% of the remainder, and the Mail app the last 9%.

iPhone owners clearly enjoy a bit of gaming, too, with games accounting for a third of all native app downoads.

It does need to be borne in mind, however, that the survey sample of 1,000 represents only a tiny fraction of the total iDevice user base of 160 million. On top of that, the typical subscriber to an app-sharing is likely to have downloaded more apps than the non-subscriber, so the figure of 88 downloads is probably a bit on the high side.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 29, 2011 at 09:14

I'd like to see detailled stats for users trying out apps in an attempt to bring functionality to the iPhone that Apple decided to 'ban'?!
You know - a proper office suite that lets you create, open, edit and store office docs on the phone...not via some weird jobsian workaround.
And users trying to transfer data between their phone and someone else's, or phone-to-pc without iTunes... You know, basically trying out apps to make their iPhone do what other phones could do in 2006 :P
It's gotta be a significant share of downloads, doesn't it?
Not dissing - the iPhone does what it does extremely well, but I bet to this day many folks actually don't realise what they are buying into when they switch from S60 or 'droid to iOS. I would still have an iPhone, but Apple obviously do not want Linux users to use their products. :P Else, there'd be iTunes for Ubuntu. So no more iFart for me :( :D:3


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