iOS users shop and spend more

iOS users shop and spend moreResearch type guys RichRelevance have published the results of a new study on shopping via mobile phones, and the results are, well, entirely unsurprising, to be honest.

Essentially, RichRelevance (that might be one of my most hated names of all time, incidentally) found that iOS users shop and spend more than their Android counterparts.

The RichRelevance study looked at billions of US shopping sessions (we imagine the trends are much the same elsewhere on planet earth) between April and December this year. In April, 1.87% of online retail bucks were attributed to mobile devices, rising to 3.74% in December.

iOS users with their shiny iDevices accounted for 88% of mobile purchases in April, and a smidgeon over 92% come December. The average order value (AOV) was $123 for iOS compared to $101 for Android.

“The numbers across our retailing partners sites demonstrate just how powerful the iOS platform is enabling mobile web shopping and, while still below 5 percent in total conversion, mobile traffic’s doubling in eight months is a trend we only see accelerating,” screamed David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance.

“In order to succeed in this dynamic market, retailers and brands must ensure they are addressing relevance throughout the channels where people are shopping, ensuring a seamless experience across the interplay of device, context and consumer behavior.”

Damn straight.

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