iPad 2 bleeding backlight issue

iPad 2 bleeding backlight issueA number of early adopters of the iPad 2 have reported issues with the screen, namely yellow smudges under the display, dead pixels and backlight bleeding.

The yellow smudges aren’t a big deal; it’s supposedly just a remnant of the glue that’s used between the glass and the LCD panel. The same issue was reported in the States with the iPhone 4, but the yellow spots disappear as the bonding agent evaporates.

The bleeding backlight is more of a concern, and obviously not something that’ll rectify itself. The issue was demonstrated by YouTube user iamphones who posted this video. You can clearly see bleeding around the edge of the screen at several points, even with the light on.

Meanwhile, 9to5mac reader Matt said: “My wife and I have gone through 4 iPads that, aside from the screen, were perfect. Dead pixels, horrible backlight bleeding, speckles in the glass, very strange glowing dot under the LCD. These are the issues in the 4 we’ve bought (and returned/will return).”

It’s not yet clear how many units are affected, and let’s remember that Apple is estimated to have sold in the region of 1 million iPad 2s since Friday. We’re quite certain that this isn’t the end of the story.

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