iPad 2 v molten lava: guess who wins...

iPad 2 v molten lava: guess who wins...Remember those days when you queued and queued for the iPad and iPad 2? Maybe you were one of the lucky few who logged on to the Apple site at 9pm every night in the hope of reserving one in the 30 second window when units were actually available.

If so you'll no doubt be a little peeved at seeing someone show their love for the Apple tablet by dropping it into a pile of molten lava.

Yep, we're serious. There's a new video doing the rounds showing a chap jetting off to Hawaii with his trusty iPad in tow. He then suspends his tablet from the end of a long pole and proceeds to dip it into a thick stream of lava flowing down the side of a volcano. As you do.

As you're probably suspecting by now, this isn't an adrenalin-fuelled gadget fan subjecting his iPad to some tough love just for the sake of it. It's actually an advert for ZooGue iPad and iPhone cases, and the chap in question is the company's CEO Tim Angel.

As far as marketing ploys go, it's hardly original considering some of the other similar stunts that have been pulled off in the past (like Will It Blend?) but it's certainly enough to get the voyeuristic juices flowing.

Unsurprisingly, the clip is liberally spiced with links trying to get you over to the ZooGue website, and if you look closely the iPad has the homepage on screen as it's lowered into the goo - a nice touch.

Seeing high-end gadgets meet their end in such an undignified fashion always makes for good video, but we have to say we were a little disappointed to discover that the whole point of the thing wasn't to prove that ZooGue cases are lava-proof. Now that would have been some video.

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jmarcelino  Dec. 12, 2011 at 18:57

Seems a bit of a trick. The iPad used in the more destructive part of the video looks different from the first and the screen is no longer on. I would also expect a bit more smoke from the lithium battery exploding (Li batteries explode with dense white smoke)

This video could easily be done using a fake iPad shell like this: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/non-working-fake-dummy-ipad-2-sample-display-model-black-silver-71176

Stelph  Dec. 20, 2011 at 11:01

What a rubbish case, this is far better:


Tho a shame they sacraficed an iPad to test it


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