iPad 2 stock shortages: it's LG's fault

iPad 2 stock shortages: it's LG's faultIt's no secret that the iPad 2 has been in fairly short supply since hitting the streets in March, with Apple exec Tim Cook saying the company faced “the mother of all backlogs” in producing enough units to match consumer demand.

There have been rumours of production issues and last-minute glitches in getting the iPad to market for months now, and it seems the finger of blame can firmly be pointed in LG's direction.

LG is one of the manufacturers responsible for producing the iPad's display panels, but according to Taiwan's DigiTimes has been forced to halt production of the panels in order to fix a glitch.

It turns out that the strange yellowing effect on the screen that plagued some early units was the result of light leaking from the edges of the screen when dark objects are being displayed, and it was a problem only experienced on iPads using the LG panel.

In the first quarter, Korean rival Samsung shipped four million panels to Apple, while LG produced 3.2 million – which DigiTimes reckons is a long way short of what it should have produced.

DigiTimes does add, however, that its sources reckon LG will be back on the wagon sometime during the second quarter, which should hopefully help clear the backlog faster.

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