iPad 2 to be unveiled next week?

iPad 2 to be unveiled next week?Apple is still being characteristically coy about the iPad 2’s specs. Recent rumours suggest we might see some sweet HD action, and possibly a 3MP rear-facing camera. Maybe. Well, we might not have to wait too much longer to find out, if our German friends over on Macnotes.de are to be believed.

An Apple press event is said to be scheduled for next week, primarily focusing on iOS 4.3, however, according to an “anonymous source” (isn’t that always the way?), Macnotes.de reckons the iPad 2 might make a cheeky “and finally…” appearance. Apple has certainly been known to pull such stunts in the past.

AppleInsider points out that Macnotes.de doesn’t exactly have an “established track record” when it comes to Apple-related gossip, though it did “obtain parts for a white iPhone 4 in December.” The moral of the story? It’s ok to trust Germans. Sometimes.

The AppleInsider dudes also speculated that iOS 4.3 might be released by February 13, with the iPad 2 following in April. The original iPad, of course, came out last April, and Apple does enjoy a spot of calendar-based continuity.

Incidentally, a February 13 release for iOS 4.3 would allow Apple to steal some of the limelight from Mobile World Congress, which gets underway the following day. Those rascally sonsof…

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