iPad Air 2 to rock Apple A8X processor and 2GB of RAM?

iPad Air 2 to rock Apple A8X processor and 2GB of RAM?The next generation of iPads is expected to touch down at Apple’s “It’s been too long” launch event on Thursday evening, though we’re still not entirely sure what to expect. How will the iPad Air 2 build upon the entirely capable iPad Air? Is the iPad mini 3 a thing? Is it too early for the iPad Pro? What does “It’s been too long” mean?

For what it’s worth, the latest iPad rumour morsel from Taiwan says the iPad Air 2 will rock an A8X processor, and a meaty 2GB of RAM. Nice.

In 2012, the iPad 3 and iPad 4 shipped with Apple A5X and A6X processors respectively, both being enhanced versions of the processors found on – what were at the time – the current iPhones; the iPhone 4S had the A5, while the iPhone 5 had the A6.

Last year, however, the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 spec sheets revealed the same processor as the iPhone 5s, namely the Apple A7.

As such, it’s pleasing to hear that the iPad Air 2 will push out the proverbial powerboat. The presence of an enhanced processor and 2GB of RAM also gives credence to the notion of a higher resolution display, and/or split-screen multitasking.

Again, it’s interesting that we’re not talking a great deal about the iPad mini 3, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not happening, much like the formerly elusive iPhone 6 Plus.

Last week, a lengthy report told us iPad Air 2 specs included a thinner design, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, 8MP rear camera (a leap from the current 5MP), and a choice of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB storage.

In any case, we’ll get the full story on Thursday evening. Fingers crossed U2 are busy this time...

via: 9to5mac

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 13, 2014 at 14:14

32, 64 and 128GB? You'd think, wouldn't you? I bet it'll be 16, 64 and 128GB - same as the new iPhones. If true, it's STUPID! 16GB is ridiculous on an iDevice. But that is what it'll be...

I guess the camera upgrade is 'meh' for most people? Who takes photos with their iPads?
You carry around the toppest new tablet, surely you have something handy in your pocket such as, um, a smartphone with a camera that is more convenient o use? Sure, a lot of iPads are deployed to sales reps and the likes, and yes, for them having a camera onboard is useful, but do they need 8MP shooters?
Ah, whatever.
I guess the trend towards thinner is unstoppable?
The RAM? Why even go there? It doesn't matter - I have never experienced an iDevice struggle because of a lack of RAM. (nor WP or most Android flagships) People who have such issues, really "Don't use it right". :p I'm not saying, Gimme less RaM. But this numbers game? Troll fodder.
To be honest: none of that interests me. At. All. I'd like to see UI changes. I'd like iOS to make use of the bigger display. Let me open 2 windows. Let me drag content from one window to the other. Give the homebutton a break...

And while we are at it: iOS8.1 is coming and still no screen-off toggle in the control centre? Really? People don't have enough problems with broken, worn-out, dirty homebuttons? So, obviously a calculator toggle in the CONTROL Centre has priority.... Oh boy.


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