iPad apps could be more intuitive

iPad apps could be more intuitiveA study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, titled “Usability of iPad Apps and Websites”, suggests that iPad apps and websites are, well, not as usable as they could be.

The report extends over 100+ pages, but the gist of the findings is that many users, even relatively experienced ones, often struggle to navigate within apps and on webpages.

The study took 16 iPad users with two-months experience, and focused on 26 apps and six websites. Even with that two-months experience, the subjects often became frustrated.

Among the worst offenders were magazine apps requiring several steps in order to go back to the table of contents. That is pretty lame, to be fair.

However, the report acknowledges that usability of iPad apps and websites is significantly better than a previous report – from last year – indicated. Notable improvements include clear back buttons, broader use of search, homepages, and direct access to articles by tapping on headlines.

If you fancy checking it out, head over to the Nielsen Norman Group site. Interesting stuff.

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