iPad delay stories 'simply not true', launch event next week?

iPad delay stories 'simply not true', launch event next week?Well, that changed quickly, didn't it? No sooner had we revealed news that the iPad 2's launch had been delayed by a couple of months than came fresh info that actually, er, no it hasn't.

Better still, it looks like the all-important launch event for the next-generation Apple slab is very much on, and will take place in just one week's time.

As we reported yesterday, we initially thought the iPad 2's arrival had been put all the back to June thanks to comments from analysts at Yuanta Securities claiming bottlenecks in the supply process and last-minute design tweaks. Cue widespread depression from Apple fans, not helped by other rumours appearing yesterday that the iPhone 5 was facing similar issues.

But after the rumours came the counter-rumours. First Reuters came out and quoted a source “familiar with the matter” as saying the rumours are “simply not true” and that Apple is planning on releasing the iPad 2 in much the same timeframe as the original appeared last year – in other words, April.

And then AllThingsD threw its own 10 iPads' worth in, claiming a launch event has already been lined up for next Wednesday, March 2, and will take place at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

And where is this information coming from: “sources close to the situation”, says AllThingsD.

So what exactly is going on? Well, seeing that Apple stocks fell nearly 3% on the initial rumours, and considering how quickly those counter-rumours sprung up, we'd say it's a safe bet these mystery sources are within Apple itself, and are moving to protect the company's share prices.

The original rumours of delays, then, are almost certainly untrue. As to why they spread in the first place, maybe it's just us being cynical, but ask yourself this: had you heard of Yuanta Securities before this?

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