iPad game controllers

How do iPad game controllers work?
My understanding is there's only official support for a few models? But can you use an Xbox or PS3 pad if you jailbreak?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 30, 2013 at 13:26

Yes, on a jailbreak device you can*** install tweaks that let you pair xBox/PS3 controllers. But they are by no means working perfectly or universally from what I have heard.

*** and note: the iOS7 jailbreak is very new. I jailbreaked an iPhone 5c yesterday, and though the process was painless, and Cydia installed without a hitch, it's maybe the most pointless thing I ever did with/to a phone - there is pretty much nothing important or exciting available yet that works with iOS7... I don't think the game controller teaks have been updated yet.

I may be wrong, though....

Anyhoo, for convenience, I reckon you are better of with an 'offically' supported controller. I do recall that the tweaks are less than straight forward, and then, whenever you change games the pain starts over with reassigning control layouts etc. By the time
you're done and ready to play, the game's been updated :p

AGAIN: research it yourself. I only pay passing attention to mobile gaming ;)


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