New iPad and iPhone every six months?

New iPad and iPhone every six months?Yesterday I mongered a rumour initially published by Chinese-language site, claiming that the iPhone 5 has been delayed due to overheating problems.

More specifically, the dual-core A5 chip that Apple uses in the iPad 2 supposedly does not appreciate being crammed into the slender iPhone 5, and causes all sorts of hot. Now, whether or not that’s nonsense, the story got me thinking.’s sources go on to suggest that the iPhone 4S – an entirely unofficial device that the industry now largely accepts as fact – is merely a stopgap, intended to appease iPhone diehards while Apple addresses the overheating problem.

It suggests – no surprises here – that the iPhone 4S will feature moderate improvements over the iPhone 4, such as an 8MP camera, and that the “revolutionary” iPhone 5 might be released a few months later.

This was the part that caused the gears in my rusty old brain to start turning.

There are rumours that we might see an iPad 2 Plus in September or thereabouts, which is roughly when we’re expecting this iPhone 4S chap. There are also rumours that there’ll be an iPad 3 in March 2012, and possibly an iPhone 5.

Now, if those rumours turn out to be true (that ‘if’ should really be in bold, underlined, and 72pt), that suggests Apple could be settling into some sort of every-six-months routine; moderate upgrades in September, and proper new beasts in March.

Clearly I’ve simply grabbed several different rumour threads and tied them into a neat little knot, but it’s not an entirely ridiculous theory. As blizzard7 commented after this iPhone 5 and iPad 3 story, Apple already has a history of releasing spanking new wares, such as iMacs, a few months apart.

And Samsung, not exactly Apple’s best friend, is also rumoured to be considering some sort of 2011 successor to the already-top-of-the-range Samsung Galaxy S II. Furthermore, it’s been suggested that the Korean manufacturer might continue to pump out a new flagship smartphone every six months in order to compete with Apple.

The key phrase there, of course, is: “every six months”.

I don’t think the concept is too far-fetched, but I do think it’d be a bad idea. People want the latest stuff, true. But, by that same token, no one wants to fork out £400+ for something that’s doomed to be out-of-date in a few months time.

And does technology really move fast enough to justify a “new” device bi-annually? I guess the iPhone 5 could be bigger (4.3in?), with NFC and even greater megapixelage, and possibly a quad-core processor, but what does that leave for the iPhone 5S in September 2012?

On the other hand, it could be a big earner thanks to Apple fanboys forking out for not one but two iPhones and iPads every year.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

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blizzard7  Jul. 16, 2011 at 21:18

I get mentioned so I officially approve of this article 8)

The 6 month refresher is a valid tactic, but can cause a lot of buyer's remorse. It's risky in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction of which Apple tries to maintain high levels of. It does encourage new customers in quicker though. Personally, I think many are happy with yearly refreshes and price drops towards the end of a product's lifecycle.


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