iPad still King of the Tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook floundering

iPad still King of the Tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook flounderingAdmittedly it’s no surprise that the iPad is still far and away the biggest selling tablet, but we’ve now got some specific Q2 figures to ponder, thanks to Strategy Analytics.

There’s also more depressing stat-based news for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Poor guy.

The BlackBerry PlayBook – which launched in April to mixed reviews and suggestions that it had been rushed to market (largely due to the glaring omission of an email client) – is being outsold by Windows-based tablets.

Windows is notoriously a bit pants on tablets, and that’s something Microsoft is keen to address with Windows 8. However, that hasn’t stopped it outselling RIM’s QNX-based effort, with 4.6% and 3.3% share of the Q2 tablet market respectively. Oh dear.

Of course, Windows is adopted by a range of tablets and there’s only one BlackBerry PlayBook, but Apple needs no such excuse. It consumed 61.3% of the tablet pie in Q2.

That’s pretty impressive, no doubt, but it’s down a fair whack from the same period last year, when the Californians held a whopping 94.3% share. That’s largely ‘cause Android’s 2.9% slither has risen to 30%.

via: Reuters

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jimcmf  Jul. 22, 2011 at 03:22

It's the only tablet that is secure enough for the FBI to use.

Don't play with the lives of your citizens. PLAYBOOK ONLY PLEASE.


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