Is this the iPad mini 3 with Touch ID?

Is this the iPad mini 3 with Touch ID?The iPad mini 2 recently touched down alongside the iPad Air, and while it does have a Retina display (contrary to various rumours prior to launch), neither of the new iPads has Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The iPad mini 3 might well look to address that particular shortcoming, and indeed it’s supposedly been captured in photo form. Hmm.

The world’s first iPad mini 3 picture leak appears on, though the author explains that it comes from an “unidentified source”, and further stresses – in bold – “I am therefore unable to ensure its reliability”.

In any case, zooming in on the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the site notes what appears to be a gold hue, suggesting that the iPad mini 3 itself might come in gold. Having said that, we heard that Apple dismissed the idea of a gold iPad as it “just didn’t look good bigger [than the iPhone 5s].”

At present, the iPhone 5s is the only iDevice available a) in gold, and b) with a fingerprint scanner, and with the latter being one of the device’s key selling points, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the latest iPads don’t support Touch ID.

However, don’t be surprised to see an iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 next year complete with fingerprint scanner goodness.

The iPads are generally released on an annual basis, though Apple threw a curveball in 2012 when it launched the iPad 3 and iPad 4 just seven months apart. New iPad(s) in the first half of 2014, perhaps? Only Apple knows the answer to that.

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