iPad mini Retina release date remains elusive, blame Sharp

iPad mini Retina release date remains elusive, blame SharpThe iPad mini 2 – or iPad mini Retina – has been a reality for 18 days now, but we still don’t know when the thing will be released. For now, Apple is sticking to “Coming later in November”.

Even prior to launch we were warned of iPad mini Retina yield problems on account of the 2048 x 1536 display, and here we’re told to point the finger firmly in Sharp’s direction.

That’s the story according to Korea’s ETNews, which says the iPad mini Retina display is suffering from a burn-in problem, and while it’s not “visible to the eyes of ordinary users”, the component consequently fails to meet Apple’s high standards.

Primary suppliers of the iPad mini Retina display include LG Display and Sharp, and it’s the Japanese manufacturer in particular that’s said to be having trouble. Eek.

ETNews goes on to suggest that Apple might draft in its good friend (ahem) Samsung, “If things get worse”.

It’s fairly uncharacteristic for Apple to announce an iOS product and not provide a release date, and while Tim Cook suggests: “It’s going to be an iPad Christmas”, he concedes: “It's not clear if we'll have enough”.

In the past, Apple has been accused of carefully controlling supply in order to create demand, but there does genuinely seem to be a manufacturing issue here. Or heck, maybe I'm just being naive.

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