iPad mini Retina supply will be ‘ridiculously tight’

iPad mini Retina supply will be ‘ridiculously tight’We’ve been hearing about iPad mini Retina yield problems for several months now, and at one point it was suggested that Apple might in fact delay the grand unveiling of its diminutive eye-melting tablet.

But nope, Apple steamed ahead with the iPad mini Retina launch on Tuesday night, and again we’re told that it’ll be in shortly supply when it’s eventually released.

CNET quotes big Rhoda Alexander from IHS, who says iPad mini Retina supply will initially be “ridiculously tight”.

To be fair, she’s pretty much echoing one Peter Misek from Jefferies & Co, who correctly predicted last week that Apple would push ahead with the iPad mini Retina launch – at the expense of supply.

Back in July, it was proposed that Apple might delay the iPad mini Retina launch till early 2014, plugging the gap with a slightly souped-up model. Yeah, that’d really please all the people getting iPad minis for Christmas. Two months later: new iPad mini!

While the iPad Air release date was immediately revealed as November 1 (a week from today), we’re still awaiting clarification on the iPad mini Retina release date, with Apple simply telling us it’s coming “later in November”. November 15? November 29? It’s anyone’s guess at this stage.

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loofer  Oct. 25, 2013 at 16:05

I wonder how much this short-supply issue has actually been planned by Apple. The fear with the original iPad mini was that it would canibalise the sales of the iPad 4. But the price differential was quite significant back then £269 vs £399 and so was the spec; Retina vs non-Retina, 1.4Ghz vs 1 Ghz, 512MB v 1GB RAM yada yada yada

Now, however, the price differential is a mere £80, Same processor, same RAM, same number of pixels though proportionally higher on the mini 2 than the the iPad Air.

the only reason why you would go for the iPad Air is either if you want the extra 1.8" :p
It could be a no brainer for some if you just see it as value for money, pay an extra £80 to get the full size model.

Alternatively it could be a no brainer or others to save the £80 and effectively get the same spec tablet in a more compact form.

Would be interesting to find out what the mark up/profit margin is on the iPad Air and the iPad mini 2

barrybarryk  Oct. 25, 2013 at 16:48

I still don't get why you'd pay £320 for a 16GB 7" iPad when a Nexus 7 is only £200 or £240 for a 32GB model.

I think it's pretty safe to say Apple are working off a nice "healthy" margin. Even their new price for the original Mini is pretty pricey for what it is


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