Now the iPad mini unveiling is October 23

Now the iPad mini unveiling is October 23Press invites for the iPad mini launch were expected to appear on October 10, this past Wednesday, with the actual launch going down on Wednesday next week.

Needless to say that didn’t happen, but now we’re being told to mark October 23 in our diaries. We’d recommend pencil, as opposed to pen.

That’s the story according to AllThingsD, who previously “confirmed” an iPad mini event for October. Hmm, you’ll forgive us for remaining skeptical.

There were rumours that the iPad mini had hit production problems, or even that the device won’t actually launch at all, but The D tells us neither is the case.

Instead, crediting “people familiar with Apple’s plans”, we’re told that the iPad mini launch will go down on October 23, possibly at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium.

The strange thing about October 23 is that it’s a Tuesday, while Apple has typically favoured Wednesdays of late. It’s also interesting because it’s three days prior to the release of the Microsoft Surface.

Purported iPad mini specs are the same as always, namely 7.85in display and iPhone 5-style Lightning connector. And that’s your lot.

If October 23 is on the money, we’d expect to see invites next week at some point. Stay tooned…

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