iPad mini-style iPad 5 case leaked, iPad mini 2 to be Retina after all?

iPad mini-style iPad 5 case leaked, iPad mini 2 to be Retina after all?The rumour mill seems fairly content that the iPhone 5S will pretty much be an iPhone 5 with enhanced specs (and maybe a fingerprint scanner), and there’s nary a rumour to the contrary.

Instead, whispermongers are more focused on the design of the iPad 5, and whether or not the iPad mini 2 will have a Retina display: It will! It won’t! It will! It won’t! Today? It will!

Courtesy of FanaticFone and The Wall Street Journal respectively, we’re hearing (again) that the iPad 5 will take its design cue from the iPad mini, while the iPad mini 2 will have a Retina display.

The Fanatics claim to have received two iPad 5 shells, measuring 24 x 16.8cm, which is a tiiiiny bit shorter than the iPad 4 (24.1cm) and 1.7cm narrower (18.5cm).

That iPad 5 narrowness is of course achieved by reducing the size of the bezel at the sides of the screen (when held in portrait).

Other points of note on the iPad 5 include separate volume buttons, a silver Apple logo (instead of black), and stereo speakers – one either side of the Lightning port.

As for the great iPad mini 2 Retina display debate, the Wall Street lads chime in with a “yay!”, with credit going to “people familiar with the matter”.

Some of those displays, incidentally, will supposedly be provided by Apple’s best friend (ahem), Samsung – that’s in addition to Sharp and LG Display.

Furthermore, we’re told that the iPad mini 2 might come with a range of colours on the rear. Exciting.

It’s been all quiet on the Apple front since, like, October last year, but the Californians are expected to launch the iPhone 5S in September, quickly followed by the iPad 5, iPad mini 2, possibly the iWatch, and probably not a budget iPhone.

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