Early iPad prototype revealed

Early iPad prototype revealedApple continues its belligerent ways, with countless patent battles across the globe and incessant claims that everyone and their dog is ripping off the iPad. Oh, the humanity! Get a grip, Apple.

Anyway, one good thing to come from all this nonsense is an interesting glimpse at an iPad prototype from, like, ages ago. Just look at that bad boy! Amazing.

A whole host of iPad prototype pics have appeared, courtesy of some courtroom brawling between Apple and Samsung.

Interestingly, Britain’s Jonathan Ive (sorry, Sir Jonathan Ive), senior VP of industrial design at Apple (and essentially inventor of the iDevices), reckons the iPad prototype was kicking around as far back as 2002 – eight years before the first gen iPad hit the market.

Indeed, Apple’s touchscreen project initially yielded not the iPad, but the iPhone in 2007.

Are we gutted that the giant hunk of plastic iPad prototype didn’t hit shelves back then? Er, not really.

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Rubisco  Jul. 19, 2012 at 21:07

In this bid to cast themselves as Nostradamus, Apple are losing sight of the very thing that makes them special. Their success comes not from trying to predict what people will be doing, but from "thinking different", in other words throw enough innovation at a wall and some of it will stick. Its greatest hits weren't predicted in advance.

The iPod? A portable hard drive with MP3 functionality as a secondary feature. Result: the control mechanism designed for a more general storage device turns out to be more intuitive than that on the competition's dedicated MP3 players.

The iPhone? Mobile phones start playing MP3s, Apple threatened, has to enter mobile market and create a device better than the phones that would have ultimately killed the iPod. Result: First time portable processing power rolled out on such a scale. Jailbreakers demonstrate a potential for apps that Apple didn't have in mind.

mrew42  Jul. 20, 2012 at 08:19

Creative Labs won a suit against Apple for infringement of their user interface patent.
More intuative? I don't think so.


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