iPad rivals reduce build plans

iPad rivals reduce build plansJP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz, who warned of an "increasing risk of a bubble burst" in the tablet market back in March, has produced a new investor report indicating that Apple’s competitors have reduced their build plans.

Recently I bemoaned the state of the tablet scene, observing that the first wave of devices from big name competitors has given Apple little to worry about. JP Morgan’s latest figures certainly concur with that notion.

The lackluster performance of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab has served as an "early dose of reality" in Moskowitz’s words.

Mark’s figures suggest nearly all manufacturers have had a rethink, and overall the “Roll-up of Global Tablet Build Plans” has fallen 10% from March 9 to June 1 2011.

Meanwhile, waaay at the opposite end of the tablet spectrum, Apple is finally starting to get on top of the incredible demand for the iPad 2. If you order online, you now face a wait time of just 1-2 weeks.

via: Apple Insider

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