iPad set to dominate the tablet market for years

iPad set to dominate the tablet market for yearsGoogle be warned: Android may be having things all its own way in the smartphone game right now, but things aren't likely to be that simple when it comes to tablets.

That's the gist of a new report from Goldman Sachs, which claims iOS will dominate the tablet arena for years to come thanks to the iPad's superiority to its Android rivals, and its lower price.

We can't help it – we all like a bit of this tech giant one-upmanship, even though having several platforms competing against each other is actually a good thing, and deciding which one is better is a matter of personal choice.

So it's raspberries and middle fingers aplenty in Android's direction from the Apple camp thanks to the 68-page report from Goldman Sachs, which suggests that the tablet market is pretty much Apple's personal playground, and will remain as such for the next few years.

Goldman predicts a tough 2011 for all those 'me too' Android-powered tablets clamouring for that small wedge of the pie Steve Jobs and Co haven't already gobbled up, mainly because... well... they're not very good. The firm estimates Apple will nab between 54% and 74% of all tablet sales this year.

Apple's dominant position in the tablet market means Android will struggle to compete on price for a good few years too, thanks to preferential deals with component suppliers – another key difference between the smartphone and tablet games.

Still, the upside for Google is that it doesn't have to worry about the cannibalisation factor – the drop in PC sales the tablet explosion is inevitably causing. With no presence in that market anyway, all sales are positive growth.

One last note from the Goldman Sachs report – it says it can see no reason that a tablet that's popular with consumers will be any less popular with enterprise users. You might as well throw the towel in now, RIM...

Via Business Insider

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 20, 2011 at 14:34

"Google be warned"? Why? Google don't care. Why would they?

Do iPad owners use yahoo search? Yahoo maps? :p

benjpollard  Apr. 21, 2011 at 14:29

I don't see the domination waning anytime soon. Although the iPad 2 inventory has definitely increased on sites like iPad2Tracker.com, it's still extremely hard to find one. What makes it interesting, however, was that the iPad 2 was not a momentous leap above the original iPad. People love Apple and tablets are just so convenient.


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