iPad shortfall in the millions, latest earnings figures suggest

iPad shortfall in the millions, latest earnings figures suggestApple's latest quarterly earnings figures are the usual mix of big numbers and over-achievement we've come to expect from Cupertino these days, with another $6bn or so in profit added to the Apple bank account.

But it also saw the announcement of some sales figures of Apple's key devices for the past three months, and revealed the full extent of the supply issues that have hit the iPad.

So first things first, some sales figures: Apple raked in a staggering $24.67 billion in revenue over the first three months of this year, beating analyst expectations and posting a total net profit of $5.99 billion.

But while it's certainly a treat knowing just how much money Apple is banking in its back pocket as a result of the general public's willingness to fork out for its products, it's the sales figures we're really interested in.

The iPhone continues to fire away on all cylinders, selling 18.6 million units over the quarter, beating estimates of 16 million and a full 113% up on the same period last year.

However, Apple shifted just 4.69 million iPads, considerably less than the expected figure 6.29 million, which considering how demand could hardly have been higher, must purely be down to availability.

What we'd really like to see is a breakdown into iPad and iPad 2 sales, but unsurprisingly Apple isn't going into that kind of detail, saying only that it sold every iPad it made during the quarter.

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BPO  Apr. 22, 2011 at 04:13

It's especially interesting because it's clear Apple made a mistake in their estimation of iPad 2 sales. As the demand for the iPad 2 is still ridiculous judging by all of the tracking sites like iPad2Tracker.com not showing a great deal of stock, it's still surprising that Apple couldn't have predicted this. We're they expecting three million additional iPad 1 sales? Or were they expecting they would be able to release a larger stockpile of iPad 2s and something happened during manufacturing?

It's clear Apple made a big error somewhere in their estimation.


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