New iPad Smart Cover: notification methods detailed in patent filing

New iPad Smart Cover: notification methods detailed in patent filingIf you own an iPad, chances are you’re protecting the display with some sort of Smart Cover, though the only thing particularly “smart” about the official cover – in its current incarnation – is its ability to automatically wake/lock the display as you open/close it.

According to a new patent sighting, the Smart Cover could get a whole lot smarter, with various potential notification methods detailed.

The problem – if there is indeed a problem – is that it’s not possible to see what’s going on with your iPad while the cover is closed over.

In proposal the first, the new Smart Cover would incorporate low-power LEDs or electroluminescent panels for alerts, with either a hardwired power solution or some sort of inductive charging.

Going one step further, the Smart Cover could host a series of cut-outs, each providing a window to on-screen notifications. The iPad would sense when the cover is closed, and change the way it arranges notifications accordingly.

Furthermore, the notifications could be prioritised, with an urgent email shown in the topmost box, say, while a non-urgent iMessage would appear somewhere farther down.

Finally, a third option would see little notification panels housed on the cover itself, meaning they could still be functional when the cover is folded into the stand position. A potential function could be a countdown timer, though typically the stand isn’t visible; it folds under the iPad. Just saying.

Needless to say, the existence of the patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean the technology will come to fruition, but it’s likely that Apple will do something to jazz up its Smart Covers in the near future.

via: Apple Insider

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