New iPads for 2014 to be announced on October 21?

New iPads for 2014 to be announced on October 21?Earlier this month (already feels like a lifetime ago), Apple unveiled the spanking new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while giving us a taster of the much-discussed Apple Watch (which I still insist on calling the iWatch, hmm).

But if you thought the Californians were about to take their foot off the hardware gas, think again. The brand new iPads will almost certainly launch in a matter of weeks, and the latest guess is October 21.

That’s the story over on The Daily Dot, which credits “sources familiar with the matter”.

Essentially, on October 21, we’ll supposedly meet the sixth edition of the iPad, possibly called the iPad Air 2, alongside the third iPad mini, possibly some sort of iPad mini Air.

Assuming that date is on the money, that’d be a day shy of a year since we met the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina (October 22, 2013, for the calendrically challenged). Seems like as good a guess as any.

However, throwing a spanner in the works somewhat, The Verge relays the same date while adding: “a source tells us that specific date may not be accurate”.

In any case, it’s largely accepted that it’ll be next month for the new iPads. We’ll leave it to those anonymous sources “with knowledge of the matter” to argue about the exact date as we await the official Apple invites.

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