More iPads seized in China

More iPads seized in ChinaI told you we’d be hearing more about these Proview International chaps. In case you missed Wednesday’s story (shame on you), Proview International owns the name “iPad”, and despite Apple having an agreement to use said name, things have gone tips-up in China.

Proview International is looking to ban iPad imports and exports to and from China, which is potentially a major pain in the bum. We heard that 45 units were recently seized (amazing), and now a handful more have been grabbed by authorities.

I say “a handful more” because no one’s quite sure how many have been seized, but we wonder if it might be into – wait for it – treble figures. Good lord.

"One of our local offices seized iPads from a shop and sealed them off based on the Chinese Trademark Law, although we did not carry out a city-wide seizure," said Mr Jiang, an employee of Zhengzhou's Administration of Industry and Commerce.

The Proview International chaps have demanded action in some 40 Chinese cities. Interestingly, Chinese media reports that Proview International is massively in debt. Ahh, suddenly it all makes sense.

Stay tuned for more comical Proview International action.

via: Yahoo! News

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