iPhone 4 and 4S combined matching sales of iPhone 5 in US

iPhone 4 and 4S combined matching sales of iPhone 5 in USIn recent years, Apple has moved to keep the older iPhone models around at lower price points. The iPhone 5 is currently the flagship, obvs, but you can also grab a shiny new iPhone 4S or even an iPhone 4 if you prefer.

New data from CIRP suggests that combined sales of the two older models are roughly matching those of the iPhone 5 – in the US, at least.

The CIRP table above shows that for the past three quarters, the iPhone 5 has accounted for a modest 50%, 53%, and – most recently, in the quarter ending June 2013 – 52% of all iPhone sales.

In the quarter of the iPhone 5’s release, that figure was significantly higher, at 68%.

iPhone 4 and 4S combined matching sales of iPhone 5 in USAccording to CIRP, the iPhone 4S (right) was still accounting for close to 75% of iPhone sales nearly a year after launch – that’s despite being pretty much identical to the iPhone 4 on the outside.

Times are clearly changing, and Apple will inevitably be well aware of the figures. But does that mean we should expect the Californians to go a step further and introduce a budget iPhone?

Not according to CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz. He tells AllThingsD: “We don’t see the need for other lower-priced iPhones in the U.S. The legacy iPhones at reduced prices are selling well and doing an outstanding job of introducing new customers to the iPhone and Apple ecosystem.

“While 55 percent of iPhone 5 buyers already owned an iPhone, only 30 percent of iPhone 4S buyers and 22 percent of iPhone 4 buyers were prior iPhone owners.”

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Stelph  Jul. 24, 2013 at 14:15

The 4s sales make sense, other than the bigger screen (which IMO wasnt really necessary) the iPhone 5 is just a quicker version of the "already fast enough" 4S, its only now with another deliberate crippling of iOS7 by Apple that the iPhone 5 has features that the iPhone 4s doesnt have, and even thats minor features like airdrop


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