The iPhone 4 is the GSMA phone of the year

The iPhone 4 is the GSMA phone of the year

Remember Apple? You know, they make the iPhone and refuse to ever show their faces at Mobile World Congress?

Well, those fair-minded chaps at the GSMA don't seem to mind an awful lot, as they've just named the iPhone 4 as their phone of the year right in the middle of the Barcelona event.

The fourth Jobsian Wonder didn't have a particularly easy start to life, let's not forget. Not only did Apple have to ride the publicity rollercoaster of Antennagate for a good couple of months late last year, there was also the non-appearing white model to contend with.

But the GSMA still gave the iPhone the nod as the best phone over the whole of the last 12 months. While none of the newly announced wave of superphones such as the LG Optimus 3D and Samsung Galaxy S II were eligible for the prize, the likes of HTC and Samsung will still feel a little disappointed they didn't claim they honours for some of their handset efforts over the past year.

HTC did at least get the nod as manufacturer of the year thanks to its succession of over-achieving Android superstars, and – in probably the least surprising of the announcements – Angry Birds took the prize for both best overall app and best iOS app.

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