Should I get iPhone 4 insurance?

I'm a bit paranoid about my iPhone 4! I don't think I'd lose it but I might drop it. Should I get insurance or just a case?

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matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 1, 2011 at 15:32

Your home contents insurance should cover it in case of an accident, theft on the other hand, unless it was stolen during a burglary or robbery (lets hope not), at your house, you'd be out of pocket to the tune of £500. I'd suggest getting a case definitely, the back and front of an iPhone 4 are made of glass so it's pretty easy to break if you drop it onto a hard floor. As for insurance, depends if you think it'd be stolen from you when you're out of your house, which depends a lot on where you live and if you'd be willing to fight someone off who was trying to rob you...which is all personal preference...If insurance is cheap, I'd go for it, personally.

MDrX  Sep. 5, 2011 at 15:48

You will drop it. Everyone does. Get a case and try not to drop it on anything hard or while sky-diving.

If you're still paranoid then get insurance. It is a tax on paranoia.

How much is insurance, though? £8 per month? For a 2 year contract... some £200. If you drop it then you can still sell it for a decent amount as spares. Then buy a new one. You'll be out of pocket for a small amount.
If you don't break it you've saved yourself £8 a month. That is around 26 penny chews a day that you will be able to eat in front of your work colleagues, making them jealous. Of course, if you did that they may smash your phone in retaliation. Then you'll wish you had insurance.

Or, as matt101101 says, check your home insurance.


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