iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Both, actually

iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Both, actuallySo far there have been two schools of thought regarding the next-generation iPhone. The first suggests we're looking at a modest upgrade, effectively an updated iPhone 4, while the second has the iPhone undergoing a more significant overhaul complete with an all-new design.

But now we're facing a third scenario: that Apple is in fact working on both at the same time, and that's why both rumours continue to run concurrently.

It's by no means the first time we've heard talk of Apple working on multiple versions of the iPhone, the idea being that the existing iPhone is getting close to maximum penetration, and Apple wants to tap into a different part of the market.

And that's what Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore believes too, issuing a note yesterday telling clients to expect both an iPhone 4G and an iPhone 5 to touch down.

“With Nokia and RIMM struggling,” Whitmore writes, “the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”

He suggests we could be looking at a pre-paid iPhone 4S coming in at around $349, which would give Apple “significantly greater penetration” into a wider part of the global smartphone market.

It's worth noting, however, that Whitmore doesn't say a word about where his information is actually coming from, so it's difficult to judge just how seriously we should be taking his claims. The next-generation iPhone – or iPhones – is expected to go on sale in September.


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blizzard7  Jun. 28, 2011 at 10:10

Isn't this a super safe assumption? Apple already sells the old 3GS alongside the iPhone 4 to hit the lower price point. So I'd say there's a massive chance the iPhone 4 or similar will sell alongside the iPhone 5.

Stelph  Jun. 28, 2011 at 13:28

I agree, im not sure why all the runour sites have got ecitied about this, it already happens? Just in this case they switch the 3G chip for a 4G chip in the current iPhone 4

tinawaugh08  Jun. 28, 2011 at 16:18

not sure what phone to get on my next update the iphone 5 or the galart 2 any ideals i do use my i touch a lot

Stelph  Jun. 28, 2011 at 22:27

If you already have an iPod touch then it would be easiest to get an iPhone since you've already bought into the "ecosystem" and have found apps you like, saying that the iPhone is going to be more expensive (even with a contract) than it's equivalent android phone

blizzard7  Jun. 28, 2011 at 22:30

An iPhone is more expensive than not only an equivalent Android phone, but more expensive than the highest-end Android phones you can buy today! (_;)

appdroid  Jun. 29, 2011 at 08:05

lol the equivalent android to the i4 would be an htc desire and prob £200-£250 whereas crapple i4 is £500! still! it was outdated before they launched it.
insane but ppl buy it.
been out 12mth now and still £500. they are genius' the staff/marketing not the product.


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