iPhone 5: Chinese whispers become deafening

iPhone 5: Chinese whispers become deafeningYou can tell when a new iPhone is imminent - the nearer you get to launch, the more blurry photos appear on hundreds of websites, and the sweatier our palms get in anticipation of a device that doesn't even officially exist.

Earlier this week, we showed you a stealth image that had been taken by somebody who claimed that a handset they'd shot was likely to be the fifth coming of the Jesus phone. The case was based on the fact that it was snapped in San Fransisco and looked like an iDevice never seen before.

And now, the picture reproduced above has just surfaced on a Chinese website, and though the device pictured is clearly a fake, especially since it's being adverstised as the "iPhone 5" for the equivalent of less than £100, the design could be closer to the truth than we realise.

It appears to be the lovechild of an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 1 - keeping the nice shape the 4 provides but leaning back to the slightly curved look of the original.

It wouldn't be a huge surprise - rumours have stated that Johnny Ive wants a return to the curved back which was also resurrected in the iPad 2.

Of course, it'll do even more wonders for Apple which loves this kind of publicity which costs nothing but spreads across the net like wildfire. As we told you recently, 51% of people asked said they were going to get an iPhone 5 within the first year of release DESPITE not knowing what it'll look like or do.

The reason this picture has some credence is that it was taken in China which is, of course, where the iPhone is produced. And as we get nearer to launch, the Chinese whispers become ever more deafening with sneaky photo after sneaky photo appearing.

Via MacRumors

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