iPhone 5 delay caused by overheating A5 chip?

iPhone 5 delay caused by overheating A5 chip?The mobile press has consumed this story with a liberal sprinkle of salt, but it makes for an interesting read nonetheless. Well, in my humble opinion.

Sohu.com suggests that the iPhone 5 has been delayed due to overheating A5 chips. That’s the same dual-core chip adopted by the iPad 2.

The Chinese-language site reckons the A5 chip ain’t too happy about being crammed in the slender iPhone 5, and that the overheating problem is to blame for the later-than-expected release. We were getting quite used to seeing a new iPhone in June.

Enter: the iPhone 4GS. Apple hopes the modest upgrade to the iPhone 4 will appease consumers while it sorts out the overheating problem. The iPhone 4GS will have an 8MP camera, Gorilla glass display, and some sort of dual-core processor, possibly a variation of the iPhone 4’s A4 chip.

Meanwhile, Apple will beaver away on the “revolutionary” iPhone 5, with a possible Q1 2012 release. Around the same time as the iPad 3, perhaps?

Ah well, certainly more interesting than the usual “iPhone 4GS in September” rumours.

via: 9to5mac

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