Apple iPhone 5 now 'in full production'

Apple iPhone 5 now 'in full production'So, last week, we were talking about the possibility that Apple may be hoping to launch the iPhone 5 as early as August (pretty unlikely in our eyes, though).

Now, we're being told that whenever it is due to arrive, at least it's in full production. This is all according to a Japanese blog called Macotakara which tends to be fairly credible. It says it's got the info from sources in China and it is, indeed, expected for an autumn release.

So why is this info so reliable? Well, it's certainly not 100% verified (or even 10% given how good Apple is at keeping everything quiet until it wants us to know something) but the same site was the source of true information that the iPad 3 was in manufacturing mode two months before it went on sale.

There's already been a leak of what purports to be the iPhone 5 which shows off a unibody design and what appears to be a bigger display. However, it does look very similar to the iPhone 4/4S and not what we'd expected in terms of a radical departure.

Unless this is all a decoy. Stranger things have happened. And the fact that the photos were later withdrawn always adds to that air of mystery.

Anyway, hold onto your hats because when the iPhone 5 does eventually arrive (bearing in mind, laughably, we don't officially even know it exists yet), it will be the "biggest product launch in consumer electronics history". Apparently. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Via MacRumors

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Stelph  Jul. 17, 2012 at 09:36

Id e pretty surprised if Apple didnt have it in full production by now TBH. Say what you will about Apple, they have it exactly right by making sure that once they officially announce a phone it is available to buy within a month after the announcement so that the hype doesnt abate, add that to the fact that year on year the first days sales get more and more, plus this year seems to actually have a/some features that would be worth an upgrade (larger screen for example) and you can be sure Apple will make sure they have a lot of stock before announcing


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