iPhone 5 to launch with iOS 4.something

iPhone 5 to launch with iOS 4.somethingAccording to a couple of “solid sources” whispering in TechCrunch’s ears, iOS 5 won’t be launching alongside the iPhone 5 this summer. Instead, the new operating system will debut in autumn, with the iPhone 5 rocking iOS 4.something in the interim.

Traditionally, new versions of iOS have been revealed in spring, before launching with the latest iPhone mid-year. However, Apple could be set to mix things up in 2011.

The sources reckon that iOS 5 might be revealed at WWDC in June – where we’ll presumably meet the iPhone 5 – but that it won’t actually be released until autumn.

And, here’s the juiciest bit, they suggest iOS 5 will be released in conjunction with a new iPad. Even before the iPad 2 was revealed on March 2, there were rumours that an HD version might follow later in the year.

iOS 5 is expected to be a fairly big dealio, with a major focus on MobileMe and cloud-based action. Recent rumours have suggested that a digital storage locker for photos, videos and music could reduce the need for on-board storage on Apple’s products, and in turn dramatically reduce the cost. Sounds good to me.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 28, 2011 at 14:44

Well, Apple could release tthe iPhone 5 with Windows 2000 and people would queue, and it'd be just "what Windows 2000 was meant to be"... #HeyItIsMonday

dandoc2  Mar. 28, 2011 at 15:18

I think the new ipad is going to merely an HD upgrade like the 3gs was to the 3g - I don't see how the Iphone 4 can be improved upon apart from the camera and chipset.


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