iPhone 5: Leaked photo shows A5 processor

iPhone 5: Leaked photo shows A5 processorSo, we don't know when the iPhone 5 is coming (October's the favourite - but we still haven't had any invitations to an Apple event).

We don't know what it looks like (though rumours point to a bigger screen and two models being launched).

But we do now know what'll be under the hood of at least one of them. Well, we kinda know anyway.

The guys over at Phone Arena have stumbled across a pic that purportedly shows an A5 processor inside a still-being-constructed model. Also powering it is a 1430mAh battery pack.

What's interesting is the picture, which was leaked on a Chinese micro blogging site Weibo (translated), shows the chip attached to what looks like an iPhone 4 body.

Which lends credence to the rumour that Apple may be planning an iPhone 4S budget-style model to go on sale at the same time. And if that's the case, then it's almost certain the iPhone 5 will have the same A5 power behind it because its inconceivable that the senior model would have a lower processor than the junior.

There's also confusion over the actual battery and why it seems to be reporting a different voltage to previous leaked pics. We do have to say though that 1430mAh isn't particularly huge (bearing in mind our post yesterday which suggested the Google Nexus Prime will have 2000mAh).

Personally, we love all the rumours - but it's getting a little tiring now. If Apple plans to launch the iPhone on Oct 15th or 21st (both dates have been mooted but the 15th seems to have more credence) then we wish they'd get on with it and make an announcement.

And to make an announcement, they'll want to summon the world's media to an unveiling rather than slipping it in the newspaper classifieds section. So they really need to get going with the invitations to said event (which usually give a week's notice.)

The only other scenario we can think of is that Cupertino is waiting until the last minute before unveiling the new models so they can say at the end of the presentation that the device will be on sale the next day! Now that would be sweet.

Alas, probably very unlikely. Bah.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 21, 2011 at 16:41

Time someone leaked a photo of a bit of white usb cord - yay.


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