Will the iPhone 5 be quad-core?

Will the iPhone 5 be quad-core?The iPhone 5 rumours are flying thick and fast, largely based around the aesthetics. The next iPhone is tipped to stretch up the way, yielding a 4in display. Maybe.

But what about the internals, man? Won’t somebody please think of the internals?! Well, freshly squeezed rumour juice suggests the iPhone 5 will rock a quad-core processor. Interesting.

And who do we have to thank for these quad-core iPhone 5 rumours? None other than DigiTimes, and their anonymous “industry sources”.

In particular, the iPhone 5 is tipped to adopt a quad-core processor based on Samsung’s Exynos 4.

The sources add that quad-core competition in Q4 will be particularly furious, fuelled by the arrival of a slew of new devices with Qualcomm chips.

At present, there's only a small handful of quad-core smartphones, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X (no offense to the LG Optimus 4X HD).

The rumour mill has mostly settled on an October launch for the iPhone 5, though recently we heard the suggestion that it had been brought forward to August. Mmm, salty.

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