Apple iPhone 5: on sale date pegged for September 21?

Apple iPhone 5: on sale date pegged for September 21?Today has the letter 'y' in it - which surely means there's another iPhone 5 rumour out. This one claims the release date has been all but confirmed for September 21st. And we're talking purchase date here, not launch.

It's come all the way from French site which says that a large Chinese accessory manufacturer has been told by Apple to be prepared for that day.

If true, that blows all previous theories out of the water with the majority of the blogsphere hedging its bets at the moment on an October release to fit in with that year anniversary of the iPhone 4S launch.

There are two schools of thought here. Clearly, Apple answers to nobody and therefore will not be dictated to when it launches products. But, having said that, it is surely feeling a little nervous about Samsung right now.

This is personal opinion before I get lambasted by fanboys, but the Galaxy line has gone from being a minor annoyance to a serious competitor - especially with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII having just sold 10m units in two months.

And Samsung is planning on launching its Galaxy Note 2 in August, we understand. Apple will be desperately keen to make sure it doesn't lose market share - especially because lots of people won't know an iPhone 5 is coming. After all, we don't.

No official announcement has been made yet and it's all just rumour.  Don't forget, lots of people who bought the original iPhone 4 on a two year deal will now be out of contract and looking to upgrade. And if there is no news on an iPhone, they could very well jump ship.

The second school of thought is that Apple would rather release the iPhone 5 in October for two reasons. Firstly, for consistency, as we mentioned, to keep it all neat and tidy and on track with the year anniversary of the 4S launch. As we all know, Apple likes to keep things simple and clean. And secondly, that takes it closer to the crucial Christmas market.

Personally, we'd say a September launch is best. If only because the sooner it gets the iPhone 5 out there, the sooner Apple can get rid of the supply problems we know are likely to hit it.

Remember the iPad 2 launch, the iPhone 4S launch etc where you had to go online at 2100 at night to reserve one for the next day and hope you caught the website in that three milisecond window when it let you.

Hopefully, an announcement will be forthcoming soon, either way.

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harryturner91  Jul. 25, 2012 at 23:16

I'm one of the people who got the iPhone 4 on a 2 year deal, I wish they kept the summer release schedule :/


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